Streamlined, lightweight (approx. 27kg), heavy duty 3.5m Octagonal anodised aluminium frame, marine grade materials for longevity, 360 degree rotation to maximise shade coverage, unlimited tilt positions, very easy-to-use winding handle & rotational locking handle, water-repellent & UV-resistant canopy in either standard olefin canvas (natural, slate, smoked tweed or black, all with a 2 year warranty against fading) or upgrade to a Premium Acrylic canopy for a wider colour choice (plain colours or stripes, all with a 10 year warranty against fading in residential sites or 5 years for commercial use), canopy folds neatly against the mast when not in use, 3 year frame warranty, optional stabiliser bars, optional logo's, protective canopy cover, inground or portable base, optional rechargeable LED lighting kit or ETNA LED lighting kit with remote, engineer wind rated to 50km/h if installed inground

Aurora Octagonal